God is Inscrutable

I have undergone spine surgery and am convalesing at my village home in Kashmir. The  environment and surroundings here in South Kashmir are calm ,cool,and soothing.Since I have set to rest all  the schedules,resolutions,progra-
mmes and engagements, I feel I am, more or less in a state of emancipation.

I did not inform anybody but I don’t know, how and why a large number of people, both foes and friends came to know about my condition and began pouring into
the room where I lay on the bed,
mostly on my back.
The visitors ask for details of the
illness,history of treatment,hospi-tals,doctors; post surgery precaut-ions,food chart and check ups in future.They give a lot of suggesti-ons,advise what to do and what not
to do.Some express regret and pity
on my personal wisdom and the decision of the doctors regarding my surgery.
They say it could have easily been treated by herbal drugs,massages and even by faith
healing.I feel bored and recollect
an Urdu essay which was in our
matriculation syllabus , Mujhe Mere Dostoo’n Se Bachao,(Save Me From My Friends).irritation,ennui,
and restlessness is the net result of
these visits and the ensuing
               The confusing and at times
irritating matter however ,is the showering of  God’s blessings on my poor soul.The well wishers generally say,’may God heal you soon,.Some suggest to
offer special prayers and beg for
mercy from the omnipotent.A few
almostconvinced my wife to sacrifice a
ram and distribute its meat among
the neighbours.A molvi guarnteed
speedy recovery if eleven ‘pious’persons are invited, fed a sumptuous feast after the recital of scriptures and told to cajole and convince the God that I deserve
full recovery and good health.
I feel confused and it seems rather
funny that the God, who is supposed to know every thing about every creature on earth, needs to be informed that a person
is suffering from an ailment and
is in great need of cure,healing
and good health.If God alone is
the doer of all the things,good or bad why should he subject the creatures to pain,torment,trauma
and angst.The alibi of punishment
is totally irrational and a product
of instictinctive thinking.Human experience shows that the cruelest,
most corrupt and headstrong men with
destructive minds have more or less enjoyed life while the pious,
kind,humane,straightforward and
hard working people have suffered
untold miseries,misfortunes,ill health and disrespect.
Is God a despot,a cynic,a sadist a Gengis Khan like autocrat, who is pleased to see people writhing in pain,dying of starvation and suffering due to incurabe diseases Continue reading “God is Inscrutable”